Next question is for both candidates: what is the main issue impacting CSS today?
2022 CSS Presidential Debate...
Definitely, the lack of support of key features by some browsers.
My oponent is far from right. His block position changes relative to the fixed mentality of the audience. To see what sticks and what doesn't.
In fact, my oponent's display of ideas is unset-tling. It floats a narrative of blocks and grids of hate. It is all clear. His background is border-line dangerous. He doesn't have a filter or a left. There is no margin for error. His position is "font" and center what we don't need. I have a hidden clip that shows his true colors. I will make it visible and show how he align himself. We all need to get to the bottom of it, and find the direction and overflow of the moral order he follows. I am on top of it, and won't skew the results. I will transform this country and make sure that all the fake news are away and hidden. Not visible. As a first-child I'll make right of that.
Wait... What?!
Are you... Are you
just chaining random
CSS keywords?
Wow! I don't want to influence people, but I think we have a clear winner here!
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