CSS is not a pro-
gramming language
Of course it is!
What are the main concepts
of OOP?
.myClass { /* encapsulated! */ color: red; font-weight: bold; margin: 3rem; }
Encapsulation, like how all the CSS properties are constained in a rule.
.red { /* color is inherited! */ color: red; } <div class="red"> this is red <div>...this too!</div> </div>
Inheritance, like how the CSS properties flow down to the
    children        (+ the cascade).
<button class="btn"> styled button </button> .btn { ?????? }
Abstraction, how we can use a classes to style without knowing
      what is       inside.
<article class="awesome"> awesome article </article> <section class="awesome"> awesome section </section> .awesome { ... }
Polymorphism, like using the same class on different HTML elements.
CSS is not only a programming language, it is an object-oriented programm-      ing language.
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