Holy ravioli, Batman! We got the invitation for Green Arrow and Black Canary's wedding!

You are invited to celebrate
the wedding of

#000 Canary & Green Arrow

The event will take place at Wayne Manor. Hosted by their very good friend, Bruce Wayne, who definitely is NOT Batman.

. . .
Hey, Bats! You were in
charge of the invitations, right?
I couldn't help but notice it says #000 Canary instead of Black Canary. Do you know why that is?
They charged
by the letter.
. . .
Really, Bruce?!?! You couldn't afford one more letter per invitation? You are a billionaire!
And I didn't become
a billionaire by overspending on things.
So you messed up your friends' invitation just because it's cheaper? Was a letter so expensive?
10 cents
10 cents? 10 $@%#ING CENTS?!
Are you kidding me? Is that what your friendship with Green Arrow and Black Canary is worth? Unbelievable!
You know, right now
you are listed as my
only heir in the will.
. . .
You could have saved extra money by using #080 Arrow.
It's not exactly Green, but close
         enough, I guess.
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