If web styling technologies were human languages...

CSS would be Spanish

The CSS3 logo sighs as someone off-panel says in a broken Spanish: "Dounde eshta lai bibliouteika?"

Short, rich, diverse, and often chaotic... and no one really cares to learn it properly

Bootstrap would be Latin

The Roman Empire motto SPQR, replacing the R with the bootstrap logo

It is short and has declinations. You can Find it everywhere... but it is basically dead

BEM would be French

The BEM logo saying "Les poules couvent souvent au couvent"

Well structured but repetitive, and it could avoid many unnecessary terminations

CSS-in-JS would be Esperanto

The JSS logo saying "Bonvolu ami min reen"

It's modern and looks like a great idea at First sight... but it's not really taking off

CSS Modules would be Japanese

The CSS Modules logo (a square with the text 'CSS Modules' overflowing the box) saying "Finally a way of keeping everything organized and within a square... almost everything..."

It is organized, structured, and encapsulates the meaning. It sparks joy

Bulma would be Sanskrit

The Bulma CSS logo saying "Time to gather seven Dragon Balls and style some websites"

It has been around for a long time and is supposed to be superior... yet no one uses it

Tailwind would be German

The tailwind logo says "Neunundneunzig Einheiten!", someone off-panel replies "99... inches... height...", the tailwind logo yells "Nein!", and the person off-panel says "Nine? You got it!"

Descriptive and powerful... but too long. It can turn confusing and complex quickly

Less would be American English

The Less CSS logo sighing and repeating "Less is more... less is more... less is more..."

It is shorter and powerful. Expressing complex ideas is straightforward with it

SASS would be British English

A poorly drawn Sass logo, and the cartoon of a person next to it saying "Hi, there! This is the author. I've done 8 logos in CSS for this cartoon... but have you seen the Sass logo? Let's just pretend that it is these squiggly lines, ok?"

Used everywhere and almost business standard. It is the OG —and a bit snobbish

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