A webcomic about CSS. Coded in CSS.


comiCSS is a webcomic created, designed, and coded by Alvaro Montoro —me!—, a Spanish CSS nerd living in Austin, Texas.

It is a mixture of two passions of mine: CSS and comics. I enjoy drawing using CSS. I know it's not too practical, but I find it relaxing. Maybe in part because I enjoy doodling and drawing on paper, too... a hobby that took me to be one of the cartoonists at The Daily Texan for eight months.

Also, comiCSS is a little experiment. It is a static site developed almost exclusively with HTML and CSS. There is some JavaScript, but it is minimal, and there is no back-end language or database. I am curious to see how far this webpage (and the webcomic) can go. Unfortunately, that will depend significantly on how I draw, and that's going to be a problem :P

The website in itself is not too original. I checked different webcomics and tried to mimic the styles, but I wanted to make it more dynamic, responsive, and accessible. If you see anything that needs improvement, please reach out and let me know. I'll be happy to learn and fix things.

Thanks for reading,